L-shape Rack without Center Pole

Many of our clients had been asking for Boltless Racks in L-Shape formation, without centre pole.

Yes we hear you! So we manufactured our very own for you. Because you guys matter. 🙂 Take a look!


Some of our customers prefer to have the ease of moving things in and out from the shelves and out of the storeroom or has really big items to place on the racks.

If this sounds like you, L-shape without center pole racks is the right fit for you! Furthermore, an L-shape configuration is best used to fully maximise the space.
However, linear layouts or 2 parallel racks are suitable for some layouts as well.

Do contact us for a consultation as our experienced sales team has been doing this for many households and had good feedback.

Just like our normal boltless racks, we have all 3 deckings:

  1. Metal Shelves
  2. PVC Laminated plywood with 2-side white laminate
  3. High Density Fibreboard (HDF)

Choose the one that you like and that is most suited to your budget! Contact us NOW!


Height (mm) : 1800, 2100 (most common), 2400, 2700, 3000
Depth (mm) : 450, 600
Length (mm) : 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500
Colours: White

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